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As a young internee, the art teacher drew in Bonstetten barracks. Because of him, a commemorative plaque in the municipality now recalls the local history during the Second World War. The telephone call at the beginning of 2019 delighted and annoyed Rolf Werner in equal measure. The art teacher Arno Stern, known for his Closlieus, […]



Biographical documentary about Arno Stern, the inventor of Malort, internationally known from French as “Closlieu”. Pioneer of painting studios, discoverer of universality in expression through the image, author and educator in the world of painting children. A film by Andrea A. Rodoni TRACES OF EXPERIENCE ARNO STERN, A LIFE DEDICATED TO THE WORLD OF PAINTING […]


Malspiel Arno Stern in Riehen

“I am happy that I can now open a Closlieu in Riehen” – Lona Klaus – certified Malspiel Servant The Malspiel Arno Stern is located in the middle of Riehen village, right next to the train station, to a large playground and to the village center with cafes and shopping. The participants are enthusiastically painting […]


Arno Stern online courses

Arno Stern and his team have worked intensively on a completely new form of Arno Stern training program. Namely: ONLINE and WITH SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION. Arno Stern has reworked the content of his courses and developed new presentations, which describe all the practical aspects of the Play Of Painting and the Closlieu, even better in this […]


During the restrictive Covid19 period I do not receive visitors in the painting place. Usually it happens actually every week; and I answer many questions that follow the initial impression. It is astonishing to stand between these enveloping walls; and the visitors remain silent – until someone asks the question: “Were several painters involved in […]

Words of a Servant

That we are concerned about the future is well founded. Can we accept the fact that the jungle is being cleared to grow fuel crops and that animal species are dying out? We ask ourselves: is it indifferent to some people? Or is this questioning against their economic interests, and their advantage drives away their […]


Formulation – proof against racism

Against all racist prejudices, an impressive text just written by Arno Stern : In 1950, my Thursday Academy was located in the attractive district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and 150 children came there every week. It was a daily flood of images, a torrent of enthusiasm among those who let them emanate from them. I was the […]

No point in crying over the killing of bears, elephants, butterflies

“Don’t lament the fact that, in spite of what environmentalists say, certain animal breeds are still being exterminated. There is no point in crying over the killing of bears, elephants, butterflies… We must make it impossible to feel the urge to kill. The question must be asked: how is it possible that humans are indifferent […]


Thanks for supporting your locals

❤️ Thanks for all your support during these difficult times 🌈. We are starting our 5️⃣th year with the same low prices: from CHF 70/month for the Painting Play 🎨 and CHF 150 for Birthday parties 🎉. Few places still available! details on Tariffs and Hours. #closlieu #arnostern #supportyourlocals