Birthday Party for kids and adults #birthdaypartiness

In addition to the regular painting sessions for children and parents, we also organise birthday parties for kids and adults:

Birthday parties

Join us with your friends, your colleagues or your classmates for a birthday party full of fun, creativity and color. Each participant can paint their own painting or they can create together a large painting.

Birthday parties in Painting Room include:

  • natural, high quality paints
  • hand made brushes
  • creation of large paintings which can be taken home
  • room for serving cake* and opening presents
  • soft drinks and party decorations
  • event duration 2h-2.5h
  • fun times for all ages starting 5

* cake and presents are brought by you

Price: from CHF 400, depending on price and duration **
** CHF 67 additional charge applies on Sunday

Request details about birthday parties in Painting Room:

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    Price estimate: CHF 360

    The date, time and duration will be set together according to availability. Contact us at and we will shortly get back to you

    » download birthdaypartiness flyer PDF

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