If you think you would enjoy painting in your spare time in a relaxed environment, where there is no judgement or competition, but just a space for self-discovery, then this is the right ‘course’ for you.
Painting Room Basel combines just the right amount of freedom of expression and requirements that are essential to enable attendants to access a wealth of expressive abilities they carry within themselves.
The painting studio design and concept are based fully on Arno Stern principles. Painting Room brings to Basel concepts Stern pioneered and developed throughout his decades-long career in France and other countries.
Come and discover something completely new, where there are no expectations and no pressure. At Painting Room Basel, the others are your playmates, not spectators or judges, and the ‘teacher’ is simply someone who is there to stimulate you and ‘serve’ you.

Have a look at our short video to get a better idea of the environment you will be painting in:

Any age is welcome and even encouraged!

If you are interested in registering for this season with Painting Room Basel, contact us

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