A few weeks ago, Arno Stern invited you to take advantage of the current circumstances to have your children draw. He suggested to do what he himself has been doing for 70 years: offer them a ritual, a framework, a time and an attention on your part, elements suitable for this essential activity for them.

His unparalleled expertise in the field of human trace allows him to be sure that if your children are small, they will have started by leaving a trace corresponding, more or less, to the first image (schematic) of this post.

How do you call them? scribble, doodle, scrawl?

Arno Stern Formulation Giroulis

Scientifically speaking, they are called Girouli. To rid them of any pejorative consonance, this is how Arno Stern called these first traces of humans. Generally discredited (and thrown in the trash) since they are nothing “recognizable”, they are nevertheless part of our human condition. These Girouli mark the beginning of a whole process (called by Arno Stern “The Formulation”) not only universal, but also programmed at each of its stages, which anyone can easily observe. As such, this trace is highly valuable.

Another surprise: it is not the beginning, but one of the two beginnings of the human trace. The other one is called Punctili, and you will recognize it on the second image of this post.

Arno Stern Formulation Punctilis

So, if your children have left these traces, rejoice!

You are witnessing the healthy birth of a journey whose course to come is as programmed, as predictable and as fascinating to observe as the stages by which pass a seed immersed in moist soil… remember… first the emergence of the germ… then a stem, which comes out of the ground with the rest of the seed, then the cotyledons, then the first leaves, while the roots grow… the same programmed stages for each seed, and yet all have their personality.

You will see: your children’s trace will follow something similar…

(c) Institut Arno Stern,

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