Arno Stern and his team have worked intensively on a completely new form of Arno Stern training program.


Arno Stern has reworked the content of his courses and developed new presentations, which describe all the practical aspects of the Play Of Painting and the Closlieu, even better in this online program than before, during the courses in Paris. It is particularly impressive to see how Arno Stern can master the most modern tools.

This new formula brings many benefits. The group can be larger (though a technical limit is to be considered). Participants do not have to travel to Paris. They can thereby save the expense of a 10-day stay in Paris. The course takes place on 5 weekends, and not for 10 days in a row, which is much easier to organize and does not require any special leave. Learning is more relaxed and not tiring, because there is more “in between” to “digest” the large amount of information.

The certification received at the end of the course (attendance is monitored through the online platform) makes it possible to open a Closlieu according to Arno Stern’s criteria list. Using the online platform is very easy: our team will be at your side before and during the webinar.

The next English-translated online training course with Arno Stern will take place on 5 weekends in February-March 2021. You can find all information on this at

(Attention, due to the high demand, this course could be fully booked soon)

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