Any closlieu can be part of the largest collective painting in the world!


To promote what we all believe in: closlieu’s differences from classic painting workshops (painting on the walls, large paintings, no age groups), its international expansion (200+ closlieus around the world) and freedom of expression (no defined topic/theme). This facilitates the promotion of the main and regular activity of Painting Play (de: Malspiel, fr. Jeu de Peindre) to individuals, groups and classrooms alike.

Joining forces

The 200+ painting workshops built after #closlieu principles are joining forces in co-creating the largest collective painting in the world!

By covering all of the walls of our painting workshops with white paper sheets, we are introducing a new concept: #togetherness – a new and different approach, inviting individuals, teams or companies to jointly create large paintings by leveraging the size and shape of our unique space.

It is fun, colorful, collaborative, it’s international, very diverse and most importantly it is impressive.

What does it promote?

  • diversity: many cultures & nationalities come together under one concept
  • differentiation from traditional painting workshops: visually showcasing that in closlieu participants of all ages paint standing, while huge paintings are possible and encouraged
  • media/marketing: excellent content for traditional media (newspapers, TV) and social media
  • international phenomenon: explaining the international journey makes it easy to explain that there are 200+ closlieu around the world
  • freedom of expression: participants learn that in #closlieu they can paint whatever they would like
  • unity: we all promote the same concept, the Painting Play, hence we show that we stand together and work together to ensure our greatest and deepest mission

International Journey

Largest collective painting in Switzerland

Largest collective painting in Switzerland


The last column (rightmost) of paintings became the starting column for the local painting in the next location, in Bucharest Romania. This became known as the largest collective painting in Romania

Largest collective painting in Romania

Largest collective painting in Romania

Next steps

Currently we are connecting with other closlieus around the world to join this project. If you’re interested or you’re requesting more details, contact us (click here).

Media coverage so far:


While #togetherness isn’t interfering with the Painting Play (the main and regular activity in our spaces), all these efforts contribute to our mission of promoting the existence, uniqueness and purpose of closlieu spaces around the world.


Closlieu around the world

Here is a map of ~200 painting ateliers in the world based on Closlieu principles.

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