Malspiel Arno Stern Lona Klaus

“I am happy that I can now open a Closlieu in Riehen” – Lona Klaus – certified Malspiel Servant

The Malspiel Arno Stern is located in the middle of Riehen village, right next to the train station, to a large playground and to the village center with cafes and shopping.

The participants are enthusiastically painting and we are happy when more join!

Malspiel Arno Stern Lona Klaus

Lona Klaus in Closlieu

Lona Klaus is a trained and certified painting play leader (servant) and is happy when children and adults paint together on Thursdays between 16:15 and 17:15. The prices are more than reasonable with only CHF 22.- / session. If several members of a family participate in the painting play, there is now a family discount. Registration for one semester at a time.

Malspiel Arno Stern Lona Klaus


The Malspiel Arno Stern is located in the Atelier Weissenbergerhaus, Bahnhofstrasse 34, 4125 Riehen.

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