As a sign of our appreciation, we reward you for recommending us

Your friend and you get CHF 100 credit each for any subscription (details), birthday party or team-event (details) at Painting Room Basel.  You will receive your credit as soon as your friend registers for a new- or extends an existing- service with Painting Room Basel before May 1st 2020. Remind your friends to mention your name when they contact us.

Creativity has no boundaries

At Painting Room we support and facilitate self expression. Participants can extend the painting on multiple sheets of paper while we provide them with a ladder to reach areas otherwise inaccessible. Such large paintings boost self-confidence and enthusiasm. Enormously!

Team-events and birthday parties

Join us with your friends, your colleagues, your boss or your classmates for a birthday party or a dedicated team-event, full of fun, creativity and color. Each participant can paint their own painting or they can create together a large painting.