That we are concerned about the future is well founded. Can we accept the fact that the jungle is being cleared to grow fuel crops and that animal species are dying out? We ask ourselves: is it indifferent to some people? Or is this questioning against their economic interests, and their advantage drives away their sense of responsibility? Can selfishness be contained? It was the role of religion to introduce a universally valid law, to imprison man in a threatening belief and to deter the sinner with a threatening sense of sin

“Love your neighbour as yourself”. “Fear God; be subservient to him that you may be worthy of reward”.

The arbitrary freedom was thus curbed. But the concept of election remained: Elected and rejected. Inevitably, I am thinking of Hitler, who for love of animals banned hunting and exterminated hundreds of thousands of so-called subhumans. The improvement of human behaviour is gradual:

“Man dominates woman and dog”.

Next, man is superior to the dog. Has mankind matured enough to accept the dog as a fully valid living being? The dog, the recognised pet and all other animals, those of the jungle and those in our immediate surroundings? That should be the real goal. That I announce it is connected with my daily occupation as a colouring game servant. My activity is compatible with this conviction. Serving is an unusual role. I appreciate church service and military service. But the cartoonist does not try to set limits, but to let happy deeds experience unrestrainedly.

The painting play is the realisation of a future society.

Translated with (free version)

Arno Stern
(c) Institut Arno Stern

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