Arno Stern - Formulation

Formulation - proof against racism

Against all racist prejudices, an impressive text just written by Arno Stern : In 1950, my Thursday Academy was located in the attractive district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and 150 children came there every week. It was a daily flood of…
arno stern environment

No point in crying over the killing of bears, elephants, butterflies

"Don't lament the fact that, in spite of what environmentalists say, certain animal breeds are still being exterminated. There is no point in crying over the killing of bears, elephants, butterflies... We must make it impossible to feel the…
Painting Room Locals

Thanks for supporting your locals

❤️ Thanks for all your support during these difficult times 🌈. We are starting our 5️⃣th year with the same low prices: from CHF 70/month for the Painting Play 🎨 and CHF 150 for Birthday parties 🎉. Few places still…
Arno Stern Cours

Arno Stern Classes

At the beginning of my training courses in the practice of the profession of Servant of the Play of Painting, I say to my listeners: "I invite you to a journey to an unknown country that you will discover with amazement and enthusiasm!" I…
Arno Stern 96 years

Arno Stern at 96 years old

🎂Bonne Anniversaire cher Arno Stern! Thanks for contributing to a better future on behalf of all kids and adults who participated in #closlieu over the last 70 years! ❤️
Painting Room Heart - support your locals

We are back

Update 7.6.2020: no longer restricted to 5 participants, meaning we can host birthday parties (see here details) and other events and team-events I hope you are well and with good energy levels these days. As announced by the Swiss…
Arno Stern Formulation Giroulis Punctilis

Arno Stern on the first traces of humans

A few weeks ago, Arno Stern invited you to take advantage of the current circumstances to have your children draw. He suggested to do what he himself has been doing for 70 years: offer them a ritual, a framework, a time and an attention on your…
Painting Play during Corona

Keeping To Our Rituals In These Unusual Times

What makes the Painting Play so special and effective is the fact that in itself, it is a ritual. We have all surely felt at some point in our lives how destabilising it is to change a ritual – even the seemingly small ones: the morning coffee,…
Arno Stern contre Corona

Arno Stern against Coronavirus

A message from Arno Stern: Schools are closed, museums are closed: Parents give their children leaves and a pen and witness the regeneration of their children's spontaneous traces. As long as they do not give them models, outlines to colour…
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We moved to Gundeli

🚛 From 1st of March we moved to Gundeli, behind SBB train station 🚂, on Pfeffingerstrasse 82, 4053. Click here for more details: Contact page