The question “Do you offer painting classes?” often comes across. When I answer “Not quite”, the natural reaction is “then what is it exactly, if they aren’t painting classes?“
Well, it’s very easy – Painting room Basel is a specially designed painting workshop, which creates a safe environment in order to enable the development of spontaneous dispositions. Maybe this sounded a bit cumbersome. Let’s break it down and see what it really means:

We live in an industrialized society, where competition and meritocracy have taken over the enthusiasm of children and adults. Children love to play and they do it with enthusiasm every time. Each game is a new learning for them, a way to discover themselves and the world around them. When we grow up we forget the importance of playing in one’s organic development.

This is where Painting Room Basel comes on the scene….

When you enter the Painting Room Basel, you join the play of painting, a play for which you won’t receive any directions, where you are not judged nor instructed. Each participant to the game is “in charge” of what he/she wants to paint.
Instead of having a teacher telling you what to do, how to do it and assess your painting, inside you will find a “servant”, a practitioner who is there to ensure the perfect environment for the painting play.
Who doesn’t like to be served? Who doesn’t like to come in, paint and leave without worrying about having to clean the brushes, the jars and so on. It’s ideal to have someone doing everything for you!

Another element that contributes to the development of the participants, are the participants themselves – having mixed age groups, we avoid categorizing people, separating important things from play time, doesn’t allow space for competition to step in, it builds respect and self-confidence.

If you read until here, it means I caught your attention and you got a first feeling of what “painting classes” you can find inside. It’s something you’re not used to, for sure. It might seem new but you’ll be surprised to see the concept exists since 60 years and it’s spreading more and more these days.
Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK are no longer strangers to the “Closlieu®” principles, same principles on which Painting Room Basel was built.
Why do you come across it only today? Even if the world we live in is industrialized and technologized, in the same time it also opened a lot of doors to questions and challenges of the status quo. When we speak about organic memory today it doesn’t sound so strange as it did 20 years ago. Maybe there’s a reason in coming across everything during our life, at the right moment and place.

You can visit the Painting Room Basel and ask me more, I’ll be happy to show you the place and share the concept about our painting classes. Just contact me to setup a meeting.

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