#togetherness – largest collective painting in Switzerland

Be part of the largest collective painting in Switzerland!


Joining our creative forces

Unleash your creative potential by combining the principles of fun and creative expression!
Join a group of 42 children and adults to co-create the largest collective painting in Switzerland!

About #togetherness

By covering all of the walls of the Painting Room with 42 white paper sheets, we are introducing a new concept: #togetherness – a new and different approach, inviting individuals, teams or companies to jointly create large paintings by leveraging the size and shape of our unique space.


It is fun, colorful, collaborative and most importantly it is impressive.


When and how I can join?

Between Jun 22nd and Jun 28thPainting Room Basel welcomes you to paint whatever you desire on a blank sheet of paper.  You can paint something completely new or in continuation of the neighboring painting.

Due to planning reasons, we kindly invite you to book your seat in advance using this link (click).


  • Min 4 years old
  • No artistic background required
  • 1 Ticket = 1 Sheet of Paper which you can paint in up to 1 hour.

 » Tickets on sales here!



Largest collective painting in Switzerland – All walls covered by paper


Largest collective painting in Switzerland – Preparations


How it all started

Since 2016 at Painting Room Basel, through the Play of Painting we enable participants, kids and adults, to freely express and to recreate themselves in a safe place, free from pressure, competition or judgement – which ultimately leads to creativity and a free flow of expression and ideas.

This is our approach to help you thrive in a very uncertain future in which your creativity and enthusiasm will make the difference.

Painting Room Basel

Painting Room Basel – The Play of Painting

Laura in Painting Room

Laura, the Servant of Painting Room Basel

Painting Room Basel

Painting Room Basel – The Ambiance

Large painting

Large paintings are possible only at Painting Room


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