kein fasnacht 2020

No Fasnacht in 2020?

No Fasnacht and no Waggis on the streets? They have hidden in Painting Room Basel. Come and paint as many as you want!
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Laura in Painting Room
New year of Painting Play

The Painting Play starts a new year full of enthusiasm and creativity

Our mission is to help your children thrive in a very uncertain future in which their creativity and enthusiasm will make the difference. Weekly sessions on Wed 17:15, Thu 17:30 and Sat 10:30 from CHF 70/month. Find out more on the tariffs…
la trace de la memoire organique unesco arno stern

The trace of organic memory - under UNESCO patronage

Hommage to Arno Stern at Sorbonne University under the patronage of French National Commission for UNESCO   Arno Stern has entered the hall of fame of academics who have contributed to understanding the human mind. His lifetime…
Largest collective painting in Switzerland

Largest collective painting
in the world - #togetherness

Any closlieu can be part of the largest collective painting in the world! Purpose To promote what we all believe in: closlieu's differences from classic painting workshops (painting on the walls, large paintings, no age groups), its international…

#togetherness - largest collective painting in Switzerland

Be part of the largest collective painting in Switzerland!   Joining our creative forces Unleash your creative potential by combining the principles of fun and creative expression! Join a group of 42 children and adults to co-create…
Das Kind muss nach oben

The child wants to go upstairs

"Wenn das Glück kommt, muss man eine Leiter hinstellen... oder zwei .... im MALORT, wie auch sonst im Leben..." - credits:  
red flower green stem

The Little Boy

THE LITTLE BOY By Helen E. Buckley Once a little boy went to school. One morning, when the little boy had been in school a while, his teacher said: “Today we are going to make a picture.” “Good!” thought the little boy. He liked…
Laura in Painting Room