Painting Room Basel

Painting Classes in Basel

The question “Do you offer painting classes?” often comes across. When I answer “Not quite”, the natural reaction is “then what is it exactly, if they aren't painting classes?" Well, it’s very easy – Painting room Basel is a specially…
Painting room 2016-08-27 (2)

A unique painting studio arrived in Basel

If you think you would enjoy painting in your spare time in a relaxed environment, where there is no judgement or competition, but just a space for self-discovery, then this is the right 'course' for you. Painting Room Basel combines just the…
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Secret ingredients revealed

On Saturday, Aug 27th a second successful painting session took place. Here is the secret recipe: Ingredients: 3 lovely kids, 4 enthusiastic adults, 18 beautiful colors, 1 experienced Servant (Laura). Stir them well and place them…
Painting room 2016-08-22 (1)

First session!

The Painting Room Basel has finally opened its doors! A first session took place on Aug 22nd, when 8 adults came over and painted for more than 1h. The atmosphere was great and we look forward to the next sessions!  
Painting Room Construction 4

Painting Room under construction

Quick update: Construction is going well, according to the plan: Pavatex Boards: installed Narva Bio Light: installed Table-Palette: painted
Painting Play (en)

New Painting Room in Basel

For the first time in Basel, a very famous painting concept, well-established in Paris for more than 60years, is opening its doors to all children aged 3 to .. 99 years old. Find out more !         …