Laura in Painting Room
muba 2018 malspiel

Gioco del Dipingere a Muba 2018

Painting Room Basel realizzerà un Closlieu a Muba 2018 (20-29 aprile). Tutti i visitatori interessati, grandi o piccoli, sono invitati a incontrare il Gioco del Dipingere. Ci troverete nella sala 2.2 al numero di stand S003. Non vediamo…
Arno Stern Docmove youtube

ARNO STERN - un bref aperçu de son travail   Diese Aufnahmen entstanden Anfangs 2011 bei einer ersten Begegnung mit Arno Stern und aller ersten Filmstudien für einen Dokumentarfilm über Arno Stern. Aus den Rechercheaufnahmen…
Arno Stern Interview SRF movie

In Closlieu con Arno Stern

Au Closlieu avec Arno Stern von la-croix
Painting Room Basel - ClosLieu in Europe

Closlieu in tutto il mondo

Update2: ora ci sono 170+ Closlieus sulla mappa! Update: ora ci sono 150+ Closlieus sulla mappa! Closlieu, basato sul lavoro di Arno Stern, e finalmente arrivato a Basilea! Siamo molto onorati e orgogliosi, e vi invitiamo a scoprire…
Painting room 2016-08-27 (3)

Painting Classes in Basel

The question “Do you offer painting classes?” often comes across. When I answer “Not quite”, the natural reaction is “then what is it exactly, if they aren't painting classes?" Well, it’s very easy – Painting room Basel is a specially…
Painting room 2016-08-27 (2)

A unique painting studio arrived in Basel

If you think you would enjoy painting in your spare time in a relaxed environment, where there is no judgement or competition, but just a space for self-discovery, then this is the right 'course' for you. Painting Room Basel combines just the…
Painting room 2016-08-27 (5)

Secret ingredients revealed

On Saturday, Aug 27th a second successful painting session took place. Here is the secret recipe: Ingredients: 3 lovely kids, 4 enthusiastic adults, 18 beautiful colors, 1 experienced Servant (Laura). Stir them well and place them…
Painting room 2016-08-22 (1)

First session!

The Painting Room Basel has finally opened its doors! A first session took place on Aug 22nd, when 8 adults came over and painted for more than 1h. The atmosphere was great and we look forward to the next sessions!