Malspiel Arno Stern Lona Klaus

Malspiel Arno Stern in Riehen

"I am happy that I can now open a Closlieu in Riehen" - Lona Klaus - certified Malspiel Servant The Malspiel Arno Stern is located in the middle of Riehen village, right next to the train station, to a large playground and to the village center…

No Fasnacht in 2020?

No Fasnacht and no Waggis on the streets? They have hidden in Painting Room Basel. Come and paint as many as you want!

Closlieu around the World

Update3: there are now 200+ Closlieus on the map! Update2: there are now 180+ Closlieus on the map! Update: there are now 150+ Closlieus on the map! Closlieu, developed after Arno Stern's method, has finally arrived to Basel! We are…

Painting Classes in Basel

The question “Do you offer painting classes?” often comes across. When I answer “Not quite”, the natural reaction is “then what is it exactly, if they aren't painting classes?" Well, it’s very easy – Painting room Basel is a specially…

A unique painting studio arrived in Basel

If you think you would enjoy painting in your spare time in a relaxed environment, where there is no judgement or competition, but just a space for self-discovery, then this is the right 'course' for you. Painting Room Basel combines just the…