In addition to painting sessions for children and parents, we also organize team building, workshops or team events for companies, teams or classes of students.

1. #minitogetherness (team-event for innovative minds):

jointly creating a very large painting, consisting of 9, 12 or 15 sheets. Thus, teamwork, coordination and leadership are emphasized. Through this concept, the participants paint in harmony and not in competition with the others. The session is preceded by a glass of wine or prosecco, on the house.

We suggest, to keep the surprise factor and tap into genuine creativity, that the participants are not told upfront that they will paint. Once everyone arrives, we serve drinks and explain what is expected. Then, the participants start thinking about what they want to paint and plan how and who. This is where it gets interesting as usually some take the lead (interesting to observe and acknowledge) and then the team finds the balance and the dynamics to work in harmony (up, down, left, right – this requires lots of coordination, another soft outcome of the event).
Towards the end, we wrap up with some drinks and some conclusions (what went well, what could have been done differently, etc).
Aprons for participants are included.

2. team-building or team-event:

a painting session for a group of friends or colleagues: each participant paints on their own sheet; the session is preceded by a glass of wine or prosecco, on the house.
Aprons for participants are included.

3. birthday parties

Join us with your friends, your colleagues or your classmates for a birthday party full of fun, creativity and color. Each participant can paint their own painting or they can create together a large painting. Find out more about birthday parties (here)

Note: not following the rules and instructions of the Painting Room team or damaging the room or the materials during any of the above events may incur additional costs.

Some of our clients so far:

  • ISB – International School Basel
  • IKEA
  • Roche
  • Novartis
  • Syngenta
  • RAV Basel and many others

The date, time and duration will be set together according to availability. Also, depending on the number of participants and other specific details we will decide the price.

Contact us at and we will shortly get back to you

» download minitogetherness team event flyer PDF

team event - team building
team event - team building

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    team event - team building
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